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CRC20 and CRC721 collectible assets on




Inspired by the mesh network and participation in the transmission of information.


Total supply: 1000000.00000000

Trade on: Fex, Cauldron and TapSwap

Distribution continues. No pre-sale, no initial offering.

Mesh networks have been used by the military since the 1980s. Its topologies create multiple routes for information to travel among connected nodes.
It can be incredibly resilient. If one device drops out or gets too tipsy on power (runs out of battery), the data simply reroutes through another path. πŸ“Άβž•
Mesh networks are scalable. Just add more devices to eliminate dead zones. Every device is both a guest and a host, ensuring the information flows as freely as the punch.
In the world of mesh networks, it's all about cooperation, resilience, and making sure the data party never stops.🌍



Inspired by dark matter - despite decades of research, the exact nature of dark matter remains unknown.


Total supply: 10000000.00000000

Trade on: Fex, Cauldron and TapSwap

Distribution continues. No pre-sale, no initial offering.

Imagine you're at a cosmic party, and the universe is the dance floor. You see stars πŸ’«, galaxies 🌌, and planets πŸͺ grooving to the beat.
There's this invisible guest, bumping into things, causing a ruckus, but you can't see them! It doesn't interact with light, making it the ultimate party crasher because it's literally invisible.
Dark Matter is like the universe's mysterious shadow dancer. We're all playing a universal game of hide and seek with Dark Matter. It's everywhere and nowhere. Scientists are like the cosmic detectives, trying to figure out who this elusive guest is, because it turns out, Dark Matter makes up about 85% of the universe's mass! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ”



Inspired by the security defense model - breaking one layer of security can lead to access to a given resource.


Total supply: 100000000.00 (mintable)

Trade on: Fex, Cauldron and TapSwap

All LOLLIPOP CashTokens have been minted. No pre-sale, no initial offering. Now it's all up to the users. Stay safe.

Mint fee was 0.002 BCH / 1 million LOLLIPOP. The fees were charged by the Scaling service, not by the creator of the token.

Imagine your phone's security is like a giant, multi-layered lollipop 🍭. Each layer of that lollipop is designed to keep sneaky sugar thieves (aka hackers) from reaching the sweet, sweet center (your precious data).
First off, we have the hard candy shell 🍬. Beneath that, we find the chewy layer 🍫. Then, we hit the sour layer πŸ‹. Finally, at the core of our lollipop, we have the chocolate center 🍫.
If a hacker has licked, chewed, and soured their way through all the other layers, they reach the heart of your digital life.
But, getting there is no easy feat, thanks to all the sticky, tricky, and picky layers they had to get through!



Mitsuki Mini Aliens Collection.

Season 1.


Total supply: 201 (mintable CRC721 CashTokens NFTs)

Trade on TapSwap and Fex

All mitsuki NFTs have been minted.

Mint price was 0.0051 BCH / 1 mitsuki NFT.



With an intriguing blend of talent, beauty, and a relentless spirit, Haniwa is an adventurer, journalist, hacker, and model extraordinaire, leaving an indelible mark on every path she walks.


Total supply: 300 (mintable CRC721 CashTokens NFTs)

Trade on TapSwap and Fex

Mint on Fex. In the Mint tab- NFT symbol field type: Haniwa.

Mint price: 0.0061 BCH / 1 Haniwa NFT.


NFT Minter specification.



We don`t talk about HACKER.


Total/max supply: 100000000.000000 (mineable- proof-of-work)

Trade on: Fex, Cauldron and TapSwap

Mine 10000 HACKER at a once on Fex. In the PowMining tab- symbol field type: HACKER, click Token field- tokenId and click Mint.

The owner of HACKER is a smart contract. The token distribution is decentralized. Zero tokens have been distributed to the creator of the token.
No pre-sale, no initial offering. Anyone can mint HACKER.
Mint fee: 0.002 BCH / 10k HACKER (hardcoded in the Fex PoWMining contract).

Pow Mining specification.



Dark Labs is a collection of fungible CRC20 and non-fungible CRC721 CashTokens on Bitcoin Cash.
These tokens may (or may not) have collector's value. However, they can also be volatile and speculative assets. To mint fungible CashTokens on Scaling or Fex you need Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your wallet (>0.002).

According to the CRC specification, Dark Labs CashTokens are "canonical".
CRC20 is an alternative fungible CashTokens metadata registry extension.

To use Fex or Scaling you need to connect to Web3 account (e.g. Metamask or ImToken wallets) to derive private key and Bitcoin Cash address from the account.
Fex uses pay4best bridging wallet to sign BCH transactions.
You can also import a derived private key into Electron Cash desktop wallet or Microfi wallet.

Additionally, Dark Labs CashTokens has DNS-resolved registries (BCMR).

Copy BCMR url - https://darklabs.pages.dev/.well-known/bitcoin-cash-metadata-registry.json - and add it to SalemKode BCH CashTokens explorer to see icons and tokens details.

A simple CRC721 NFTs metadata generator (command line, nodejs).


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The Resurgence of LOLLIPOP token in the Crypto Space.

Unveiling the World of HACKER Bitcoin Cash CRC20 CashTokens.